The Origin of the Ness Vessel - A Premium Leather Case for AirPods

We all love our AirPods!  They sound great, they pair with ease, and they’re super portable. We take them to work, to the gym, on the airplane, to sporting events, and even for walks around the neighborhood.  But we can’t enjoy the great sound and convenience if we can’t find them!

As busy parents with an active lifestyle, we managed to lose 2 AirPods cases in the span of just one month.  We looked feverishly and tried the “Find My” feature on our iPhones to try to locate them only to learn that that feature does not work if the case is closed.  On to the 3rd set of AirPods, we decided it was just too risky to not secure them somehow, so we started searching online and in stores for solutions. We found colorful silicone cases that stuck to our pockets, leather cases with plastic liners that felt cheap, and cases with carabiners that were hard to use and didn’t hang well when attached to our bags, keys, dog leash, etc.

So, we thought maybe we should create our own AirPods case. We started sketching ideas, met with friends and advisors to get feedback, had meetings with several suppliers and manufacturers, and did tons of market research.  With our idea validated and a belief in the market opportunity, we began creating prototypes with a couple of manufacturers.  After several iterations and getting the supply chain in place, we set out to create the Ness Vessel, the first premium leather case with a custom snap hook that makes it super simple to secure and protect your AirPods in style.

Ness Vessel Early Sketch

The Ness Vessel is designed in Laguna Beach, CA and handmade from premium leather sourced from Napa, California.  The design is minimal, stylish, and functional with an aesthetic that works well on your daily commute, in the office, at the gym, or out in the neighborhood.  With its removable snap hook that attaches to the bottom corner, the Vessel for AirPods was built from the start to be streamlined to fit in your pocket as well as be easily connected and removed from the items you carry throughout the day. And whether the snap hook is on or off, if you use a tracker device such as a Tile, you can always keep the tracker attached to ensure your AirPods can always be found.

After about 9 months of prototyping, fine-tuning the design and manufacturing process, and working through the supply chain, we completed the first production manufacturing run just in time for the holidays.  The Ness Vessel is available in Green Camo, Graphite Camo, Charcoal Black, and Espresso Brown leather.  Each case includes a custom snap hook in gold, chrome, or space gray.  We invite you to give them a try and believe you’ll love your case just as much as we do!